10 Common Foods That Can Cause Cancer.

These days, healthy eating is one of the biggest concerns on all our minds. Let’s face it, next to not getting inadvertently recruited by ISIS over Facebook, eating healthy is one of the most important things one should take care to keep in mind. And when it comes to eating healthy it’s an excellent idea to save and share this handy menu of the 10 most common foods that can lead  to cancer. Share it, save it, survive it.

10. Farmed Salmon? Forget It! 


Something is rotten in many more states than Denmark. Farmed salmon may as well be called smoked salmon, since it seems to contain roughly the same amount of chemicals as cigarettes. The list is long and positively terrifying, including such items as insect pesticides, antibiotics,and even chemicals that are used to insulate buildings from fire hazards. In short, stay away from farm raised sea food products!

9. Oh, God, No, Not…Potato Chips and French Fries!


Feel like heading over to your local truck stop parking lot and huffing diesel fumes from the exhaust pipe for a few hours? No? Well, perhaps you’re up for the next best thing, i.e., heading into the gas station and picking yourself up a nice big bag full of Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos, and IV fluid. Here’s a tip: Cut down on chips, because a body overloaded with acrylamide ( a common component of these types of snacks) is at a highly elevated risk.