These Are The 10 Craziest Diet and Fitness Fads.

People want to lose weight and get in shape, and sometimes they will do the craziest things to make that happen. From eating strange items to doing dangerous exercises, our fascination with getting thin and athletic seems to have no limits.

Every few years, there is a new way to look thin, and many times, the fad doesn’t survive a year. At that point, these crazy fads go on to live in history as yet another example of the stupid things humans do.

If you think that there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with working out or dieting, I encourage you to keep reading; because I have found 10 very good examples. After thoroughly researching  some of the most insane, dangerous, or just downright silly diet and fitness practices, here are the top ten craziest diet and fitness fad.

10. HCG diet

The HCG Diet actually has a reputable history in the diet craze. It was created by a doctor, and is based on a 500 calorie per day diet. The reason why many experts consider this one a fad is because there is no proof that injecting the HCG hormone into the body will increase weight loss. Eating 500 calories per day however, is almost guaranteed to work.

9. Pole Dancing 

Wearing heels will help develop your calves and leg muscles. It will also put you at a greater risk for injury and lower back problems. For some reason however, people think that working out in high heels is a good idea. Pole dancers wear high heels because it is attractive, not necessarily because they want to intensify their workout. They probably also don’t run marathons in them.

8. Cigarette Smoking

Could staying thin be as easy as lighting up? Smoking cigarettes to stay thin is not a new phenomenon- in the 1920s, it was actually part of some company’s ad campaigns. The problem with smoking is that it causes cancer. Any diet that suggests you start smoking to lose weight is not in your best health interest.

7. Seaweed Soap

Here is an example of when a good idea goes terribly wrong. Seaweed wraps are commonly used as a beauty treatment to help encourage weight loss. They work by applying certain seaweeds to the skin, wrapping the person in sealing materials, then warming the body to help it absorb. If done regularly over an extended amount of time, you may experience tightening of the skin. Taking those same materials, putting it in soap, and immediately rinsing it off in a shower is not the same thing.