10 Crazy Ways Genetic Engineering Is Changing The World.

Unless you’ve spent the last few years under a rock, or perhaps a Carmelite cloister, chances are good that you’re aware of the wonderful – and, sometimes, wonderfully bizarre- ways in which genetic engineering is changing the world around us.

Super sized salmon, mice that sing like birds: These are only a few of the strange prodigies that genetic scientists are creating. How far is too far? Is there a limit to the ability of science to “play at being God?” No one knows how far things can – or, indeed, should – go. In the meantime, here’s a list of just 10 ways in which genetic engineering is radically changing our world.

10. Mice That Chirp Like Birds

Ever looked at a mouse chugging along on its little wheel, or perhaps frolicking merrily with a few of its fellows, and then wondered how much more joyful its little life would be if it only knew how to sing?

No, us neither, but a research project in Japan, helpfully entitled the Singing Mouse Project, has taken to genetically engineering mice that can chirp and sing like birds. Best of all, the project has no stated purpose or goal beyond literally letting the modified mice breed and pass on their Pavarotti pipes.

9. Super Sized Salmon

Genetically modified salmon are all set to be the next great seafood mega trend. Thanks to more of our scientifically minded friends from Japan, these super sized sockeyes have been gifted with a brace of genetic modifications that not only allow them to grow twice as large, but also in half the time.

While the Samson sized salmon is not quite yet ready for human consumption, it has already received its approval from the FDA, meaning that it will probably be topping the scales – and the charts- at Red Lobster in the very near future.