10 Engineering World Records.

Engineers are the unsung heroes of the world. From the days of Archimedes, designer of many stunning technological marvels of the Greek battlefield, to the modern age of drone development, engineers have gifted us with inventions that rank among the true wonders of the world, ancient and modern alike.

As a bonus, not all of them revolve around discovering quicker and more efficient ways to kill their fellow man. Many of the most notable modern marvels include the world’s fastest production car and the world’s tallest building. Let’s have a look at some of the 10 most fascinating engineering records of the modern age.

10. The World’s Fastest Production Car

The Guinness Book of World Records has officially declared the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to be the world’s fastest production car. The top speed of this amazing sports car has been logged at 268 mph, although some sources claim that the Veyron has been specially equipped with a “limiter” that prohibits the vehicle from climbing higher than a mere 258 mph. But even with such “inhibitions”, the Italian engineered Veyron is still one hell of a speed demon – the world’s fastest and finest, to date.

9. The Tallest Building In The World

The Burj Khalifia is the crowning jewel in the sea of modern engineering marvels that constitutes the bulk of Dubai, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). At a princely total height of 828 m (2,722 ft), the building dwarfs all of its competitors, including the Empire State Building. Not only is the Burj Khalifia the tallest building in the world, but it also contains within it a slew of other world records, including the tallest service elevator, the highest top floor, and the highest outdoor observation deck.