10 Habits of Highly Successful People Illustrated By Monkeys.

People who have attained success in their chosen fields can be intimidating to outsiders. They seem to inhabit a different world from us, a secret world to which we’re not privy and in which we’ll never be welcome. At heart, though, they’re not much different from the rest of us. What sets them apart, many of them, is how they respond to challenges. They’ve learned the secrets of navigating difficult social situations, they’ve worked long hours when everyone else was asleep, and they’ve developed an insatiable capacity for wonder.

10. They Remain Calm in Stressful Situations

President Barack Obama has been called the most formidable political campaigner since FDR, but one of the unsung secrets of his success is his magisterial, almost otherworldly calm in high-stress situations. His campaign staff has affectionately named him “No-Drama Obama” because of his Zen-like temperament. Successful people are peaceful people, exhibiting a serenity that radiates outward to everyone around them. Often they are natural peacemakers.

9. They Treat Others with Kindness

There’s a common misconception that getting ahead in life requires a ruthless sense of determination and a willingness to trample others to achieve your goals. In reality, all this is likely to accomplish is burned bridges and closed doors. Successful people know the real secret of getting ahead is to treat others with respect and compassion. Not only does this build connections that are indispensable to moving ahead professionally, it also leads to personal success through relationships that are satisfying and lasting.