These 10 Hand Signals Will Get You In Big Trouble If You Are In The Wrong Place

Traveling to new countries is fun, but it’s always good to be aware of their different customs, basic etiquette and currency. You could easily insult others with seemingly innocent gestures, if you don’t know their meaning of course.

1. The Chin Flick


To perform the chin flick, you need to you brush the hand under the chin in a forward flicking motion. This gesture means “get lost” in Belgium, France, Northern Italy and Tunisia.

2. Idiota


The idiota gesture means “Are you an idiot?” in Brazil. To perform the idiota gesture, you need to put a fist to your forehead while having a comical overbite.

3. Moutza


This gesture is popular in Greece, Africa and Pakistan, and means “to hell with you.”

4. Five Fathers


This insulting gesture in Saudi Arabia means that you have a disgusting family upbringing.

5. Pepper Mill


The pepper mill gesture is popular in Southern Italy, and it means that a person is crazy.

6. Corna


Corna can only insult men, and it means that your wife is unfaithful.

7. Write-Off


This Greece gesture it’s a pretty simple one and it means that you are ignoring the person you are talking to.

8. Cutis


If you want to say “I don’t care for you or your whole family” without saying a word, just do the gesture below in India or Pakistan.

9. Tacaño


If you ever go to Mexico, try to avoid putting your elbows on the table while you eat. Because By banging your elbow on a table at dinner, you could insinuate that your companion is stingy.

10. Fishy Smell


The below gesture represents the popular phrase something’s fishy,” which means you find someone or something untrustworthy.

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h/t: Telegraph