The 10 Most Exclusive Credit Cards In The World.

Let’s face it; just about everyone carries plastic these days. It’s almost a rite of passage. One of the first pieces of mail you receive when you’re of age, especially if you’re a college graduate, is the pre-approved credit card application. Every once in a while you might be stuck in line behind someone writing out a check, but most people today are quick to whip out a credit or debit card.

The reasons these cards are so popular are as diverse as the people who use them. A major selling point is the convenience. As long as you can swipe and go, you don’t have to have that awkward moment of not having enough cash on hand. Another reason is the savings on time and gasoline when you can shop online using your good old plastic money.

While these are valid considerations for the majority of card users, there is a group who doesn’t have to give these kinds of concerns a passing thought. These consumers want certain credit cards due to the prestige associated with possessing a particular charge card. We’re not talking about your grandmother’s green or blue plastic cards. These cards are recognized worldwide by their colors, and sometimes by the unusual materials they are made out of. Here is a peek at 10 of the most exclusive credit cards ever:

10. Barclay’s Visa Black Card

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Barclay’s Visa Black charges an annual fee of $495. However for the owners of this card, that is merely a drop in the bucket. One of the requirements to possess this Visa is that you must already be a member of a very exclusive club. Your earnings must rank among the earnings of the top 1% of all incomes in the United States.

9. Citibank Ultima Card


This luxury card heaps rewards upon its members and is known for its industry-leading travel reward compensations. Inclusion is by invitation only and, as a show of thanks, cardholders are gifted 120,000 travel points each year. And the advantages even vary by location, catering to the interest of the local population. In Hong Kong, the perks include ease-of-access yacht reservations. The Emirates-based Citibank Ultima Card offers unlimited free rounds of golf at some of the most exclusive and beautiful courses in the world.