The 10 Most Expensive Dogs In The World.

For the uninitiated the market for expensive dogs can seem nuts. Across the world from England to Canada, breeders are creating more pure lineages with stronger features, shinier coats and individualized personalities that are almost human. English bulldogs are champion skateboarders. Great Danes are playing the piano!

Aside from the initial upfront cost, the maintenance is absolutely immense, so if you are considering entering this hobby be sure that you are ready for the ongoing costs. More expensive breeds can actually be more prone to disease, though breeders will be informed about the conditions that are best for each particular dog. For the sake of your wallet, proceed with much caution.

10. The Basset Hound


The basset hound is a small dog with the huge Dumbo ears that everybody loves. Although they may seem quite common depending on your neighborhood, getting a good breed of basset hound can definitely cost you a pretty penny. Some of the best breeds can cost you between US $1200 and US $1500. The price of the pup can depend on the size of the ears and the strength of the sense of smell.

9. The Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese mountain dog is a lovable cousin of the St. Bernard from the Swiss Alps. As big as they are, they are the runts in the family! They are also well known for their easygoing demeanor, so invest in this dog if you want a big teddy bear. However, they require around US $2000 in order to buy a pup, and you must have a large area for the dog to run around in. The upside is that they are easy to train and great companions for mundane day to day activities.