10 Outrageously Stupid Lawsuits

What would you do with an extra $700 or $800 a year?

US Federal News states that every US taxpayer is now paying a ‘lawsuit tax’ of this exorbitant amount each year. Why do we have to pay that? People have become ‘sue crazy’ over the years and universities have become overflowing with students eager to become the next ‘big wig’ with the impending career of personal injury lawyer.

Furthermore, can you guess how much the US spends on Civil lawsuits each year? They spend 200 billion dollars a year. That’s a lot of money! Especially when you take in consideration some of the dumbest lawsuits.

10. Dream Becomes A Nightmare

Many people dream about swimming with the whales. What happens when their dream turns into a nightmare for others? In 1999, a 27 year old man from Florida devised a plan to achieve his lifelong dream, swimming with a killer whale. Daniel Dukes managed to elude the security guards and remain within Sea World, after closing time. He dove into Tillikum’s tank and was killed. Daniel’s parents sued Sea World on the grounds that there was no public warning signs, which stated that a killer whale might kill someone. They argued that since stuffed toys representing Tillikum are sold in the park, Sea World portrays this whale as a friendly.

9. Man VS Sandwich

This New Yorker thought he would find some meat, cheese and possibly lettuce in his Subway sandwich. Instead he found a plastic knife, freshly baked into the bread. He is suing Subway for $1,000,000. Did he get cut? Sever his tongue? Or swallow the knife? No, he did not get hurt at all. He is suing because he stated that after he had eaten at Subway, he became violently ill with “severe stomach issues” for a grand total of…3 hours!

8. Case Of The Magician Thief

Christopher Roller attempted to sue world renown magicians David Copperfield and David Blaine. Christopher is suing them for 10% of their income for life, as well as demanding that they disclose their top secret magic tricks to him. Are you wondering if a previous magic trick went wrong, causing harm or distress toward Mr. Roller? Well, the answer is no. Christopher is claiming that the magicians are bending the laws of physics and using and abusing the powers of God. He feels he is being wronged because he believes that he, himself is God; therefore, they are stealing his powers.

7. Taser VS Police

In this outrageous claim, the police are actually the ones suing. A California police officer apprehended a suspect and placed him in the back seat of her patrol car. The suspect began to act out violently by kicking at the back seat windows. The officer, Marcy Noriega, drew her ‘taser gun’ and shot him in the chest. However, officer Marcy failed to notice that what she had drew was not the taser gun, it was actually her real gun. She shot the man in the chest and killed him. The suspect’s family is suing the city for wrongful death. The police department is suing the taser company for the same amount as they are being sued for. The police department’s claim is basically that any taser gun could be mistaken for a real gun.