10 Reasons To Buy A PC Over A Mac.

For those of us that still use computers there comes a time when you must decide whether you want to use a PC or a Mac.

Despite the popularity of tablets and other forms of mobile computing, computers are still useful for many applications. If you aren’t already loyal to one brand, how do you know which one to pick?

There are many differences between a PC and a Mac, some being more obvious than others. In the end of course it comes down to your own preference.

However, if you are still debating – here are the best reasons to stick to a PC.

10. Flexible Hardware Options

hardware maddness
The hardware of the computer is what determines how well it works. Does your computer need more space? Simply install a bigger hard drive. Is it not moving fast enough? Install more ram. You can do this with a Mac to an extent, but it’s easier to do with a PC.

9. It’s Easy To Build Your Own

In addition to being able to switch out and upgrade the hardware as needed, PC users can also build their own computers. While there is some skill and knowledge required to build a computer, it is accessible to the general public. Unlike the one size fits some aspect of a Mac, the PC can be easily designed to fit your needs.

8. More Brand Choices

If you do happen to find a Mac that fits your needs, you will find that there aren’t many devices to choose from. Because of the propriety and un-customizable nature of Macs, there aren’t multiple versions of them by different manufacturers. There are only the Apple issued computers, with the Apple issued software, and the Apple approved complementary devices. If that selection doesn’t fit your needs, you are stuck with making it work, or buying a PC that does.

7. Video Game Selection

For the best gaming experience, you have to use a PC. Computer based games require an extensive amount of graphics and ram, and PC computers are well suited to provide it. For the best results, play on a custom built computer loaded with extra hard drive space and ram.