10 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

When all else fails, drink coffee. There’s a million reasons to do so. It wakes us up, it gives us time to consider our plans for the day (or whether we ought to make some), and it’s an excellent excuse to knock off our hectic schedule for a few moments and catch our breath.

Above all, it’s equally excellent as a social glue or as a solo exercise. It’s one of the few pleasures a person can indulge in without being hectored to death over its presumed health demerits or legal consequences. And, lately, scientists have even weighed in on the matter with their recommendations. So, without further ado, we proudly present our list of the ten best and most scientific reasons to drink coffee.

10. Drinking Coffee Is An Excellent Pain Reliever


People have long known that drinking a few cups of coffee is not only an excellent morning motivator, but also a great way to cut through migraine headaches, muscle aches, and other various sorts of pain. Now comes a handy new scientific study that confirms that drinking two cups of coffee per day can help to reduce post-exercise pain and fatigue by a whopping 48 percent. That’s 24 grams of relief in every cup (don’t quote us on that one).

9. Drinking Coffee Significantly Increases Your Fiber Intake

Yeah, we’re sure this is the one that will convert you from your rampant coffee-phobic status. In any case, drinking coffee has recently been scientifically proven to significantly increase your daily intake of fiber. This means, if nothing else, that you can cut back on that awful Metamucil concoction.