10 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

8. Drinking Coffee Protects Against Cirrhosis Of The Liver


Another of these increasingly auspicious and convenient scientific studies has recently showed that drinking a few cups of coffee on The Morning After might just go some considerable way toward affording your liver some valuable protection against the onset of cirrhosis.

It seems that caffeine may just have a salutary effect on keeping the level of enzymes in your liver at a healthy level, a feat that makes a good cup of morning Joe an important ally in warding off the effects of liver cirrhosis. Alternatively, you might consider cutting back on the brewskis. But, if you’re going to brave it all in the name of science, it’s handy to know your allies in the field!

7. Drinking Coffee Can Lower Your Risk Of Getting Type 2 Diabetes

Yet another delicious, mocha roasted scientific study has shown that drinking six or more cups of coffee per day (and don’t lets pretend that we all haven’t done this on quite a few occasions) can lower your risk of getting diabetes by a significant figure of 22 percent.

In particular, the study alleges that your risk of catching Type 2 diabetes will decrease by 9 percent with each cup you drink. Even if you wuss out with a pot of decaf, your risk will still decrease by 6 percent per cup. Too much coffee, you say? Only if you’re a Mormon.