10 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee

4. Drinking Coffee Can Reduce Your Risk Of Parkinson’s Disease


In a recent scientific study that is sure to clash mightily with pretty much every other scientific study ever conducted, people with Parkinson’s disease were shown to be far less likely to smoke and drink coffee. What this finding amounts to is anyone’s guess.

However, an additional study, this time conducted in wintry Sweden – a place where a good cup of coffee can mean the difference between catching your morning bus on time and freezing to the side of a lamp post – reveals that drinking a few cups of coffee per day really can significantly reduce your chances of developing Parkinson’s disease.

3. Drinking Coffee Can Reduce Your Risk Of Gout

Another massive group participation gig (this time, involving 50,000 men) has revealed encouraging new developments for those who suffer from gout and related illness (lumbago and the like). It seems that drinking a few cups of coffee can significantly reduced the pain associated with this condition. In fact, the general risks involved in getting gout in the first place seem to reduce as daily coffee consumption rises. So, lift your cup and smell the coffee, men!