10 Things I Wish I Told My Mom Before She Died.

While our dad took the reigns on learning to ride a bike, dating, and learning to drive – mom covered … pretty much everything else. Along with grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, being a driver, a nurse, a teacher, and so much more – she was always willing to offer her guidance. All the times mom helped with little things, she planted a small seed within us. A seemingly unimportant bit of knowledge that embedded itself into our being.

Every word that she said had a purpose. And though we were ungrateful at the time, she knew someday we’d realize what she’d been doing all along. It’s taken me years and years to recognize the values instilled in me by my mother; and when I think about all she did for me, I realize just how much I wish I could’ve told her before she passed away…

10. Dad’s lucky…We’re all lucky to have you.

It’s not uncommon for people to notice how lucky a person is, to have the spouse that they do. Growing up, I often heard how lucky my dad was for having such a great catch like you, mom. But dad wasn’t the only lucky one. A little appreciation goes a long way, but there was never enough appreciation nor gratitude for the incredible mother I was given.