10 Things To Know When Someone You Love Has Cancer.

If someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, it can be a devastating experience. For some people, it can almost as crushing a blow as it is for the one who has actually received the diagnosis. Of course, it’s a huge mistake to automatically assume that a diagnosis of cancer automatically means a death sentence handed down from above. But, regardless of how much time your loved one may or may have, it’s extremely important to be there for them. Here’s a handy list of ten things you should know when someone you love has cancer.

10. It Isn’t Necessarily The End

A diagnosis of cancer doesn’t guarantee that your love one is doomed to pass on in a short period of time. If caught early enough, cancer can be eliminated, or forced into remission. Even if caught in an advanced stage, there may still be many years ahead. So don’t make the mistake of thinking that your loved one will be leaving you in a week or two. If the cancer can be fought into remission, they’ll be in your life for a long time yet. Don’t give up hope.

9. Don’t Go Into A Premature State Of Grief

Just as a diagnosis of cancer doesn’t have to mean your loved one will be leaving you in a short period of time, it also doesn’t mean that you need to put on the black veil of mourning. You can do a great deal more good for your loved one by helping them to stay in a positive and upbeat mood than you can by attempting to “share their grief”. The last thing a person in such a situation needs is a professional mourner whose every sob and cry reminds them of what they’re up against.