10 Tourist Traps To Avoid In New York City.

6. The Empire State Building


Yes, it’s still there. No, King Kong didn’t destroy it. And, no, even Andy Warhol’s infamous 8 hour masochist’s marathon of a “documentary” didn’t manage to make the Empire State Building lose its “cool” factor.

But do you really want to spend hours in line, broiling in summer, freezing in winter, after spending an outrageous amount of money on tickets, just to ascend to the roof of the building (via an elevator ride that lasts longer than your middle age)? Are you ready to stand there and gawk at 20 miles of urban sprawl while desperately trying to dart out of range of a million tourist’s cellphone cameras?

Once again, we recommend the High Line. It’s safer, less touristy (for some reason, the huddled masses who opted for NYC this year instead of Tokyo Disneyland haven’t cottoned on to it yet), and you won’t spend near as much money.

5. The So-Called “Little Italy” (Which Isn’t)

Are you a 7th generation Paisano being pressured to make your pilgrimage to New York’s Little Italy? Don’t bother. The “Little Italy” they want you to see is long since bereft of Italians, and is, in fact, an adjunct of the modern “Chinatown”.

If you’re in search of real Italian-American food and culture, the place to be is Arthur Avenue, which is a far cry away in the Bronx, but well worth the trip.