10 Tourist Traps To Avoid In New York City.

4. Giving Any Sort Of Business To A Pedicab Driver


Some folks will welcome the novelty of taking a ride around the city in a device which looks like a cross between a Chinese rickshaw and the front end of a Huffy bike. Unless you’re planning to bribe the driver to hustle you down to a Chinatown opium den (they haven’t existed since the 1920s), don’t do it.

Pedicabs are obnoxiously expensive and unfathomably slow. Rent a CitiBike for $10 per day. There will still be vomit, poochie poo, and assorted wastrels festooning the sidewalks but, at least, you’ll be peddling over and around them at your own speed.

3. Macy’s


Overpriced, overrated, and out of touch. Even Leona Helmsley looked down at the “little people” who thought that shopping at New York City’s largest department store was the long awaited sign from Heaven that they had finally “arrived”. They hadn’t.

You’re better off doing your clothes shopping at a wide variety of boutiques in Lower Broadway and the Lower East Side. You’ll find everything from normal “guy at the corner bar” apparel to “Err, so your name is Yokoguchi and you channel the spirit of the wild Ox” gear, mostly at prices you can reasonably afford.