10 Tourist Traps To Avoid In New York City.

2. The Meatpacking District


Remember Studio 54? It was trendy, fashionable, ultra-hip, filled with celebrities, and the doorman would be skewered and impaled upon a barge pole if he even so much as gave a nod to the likes of normal folks like you.

The modern day Meatpacking District works on much the same principles. It’s ritzy, glitzy, and specifically over priced to exclude all but the trendiest big shots, moguls, models, and their paramours. At some of these clubs, even half of their entourage gets strategically stationed outdoors.

You’re better off sampling the night life in Williamsburg. Sure, it’s a bit blue collar and a bit of a let down if you’re searching for even the remotest glimpse of your favorite celebrity, but it’s far less pretentious and far more affordable. Sometimes a reassuring plate of meat and potatoes and a good old domestic lager is the perfect antidote to a day spent milling around in a cold, impersonal metropolis.

1. Ground Zero


It’s not a huge hole in the ground any more. There’s a new World Trade Center building there now. And, if you weren’t there on that day, you won’t be able to accurately imagine what it was like. Don’t stand around there, trying to “recreate the scene”, all the while gawking like a car crash aficionado.

Go and see the United Nations Visitor Center instead. You’ll get a feel for how the world actually comes together in one place to try to resolve (however slowly and with frequently alarming inadequacy) tragedies like the one that happened on September 11.