10 Nontraditional Jobs That Pay You By The Bucketload.

Do you want a job that will take you away from the world of sterile offices and safe-but-boring cubicles? How about a career that is so unusual that most people have no idea that it even exists? Many people aspire to the same set of jobs; these are usually the ones that are viewed as financially rewarding. However, many niche jobs out there are just as lucrative as being a lawyer or an engineer. Whether they involve diving into the murky depths of a golf course pond or running bingo games, they offer you the opportunity to uncover your hidden talents and collect a big paycheck as well. Many of the jobs on this list require no college degrees or expensive training, just basic skills and a sense of adventure.

10. Pearl Diver

If you like scuba diving, becoming a pearl diver is a viable career option. Unbelievably, this line of work made widely known by Steinbeck’s novel does still exist. These days, the job involves diving in shark-infested Australian waters and skimming shells and oysters from the floor of the ocean. As with many dangerous jobs, the compensation is fairly high. According to Forbes Magazine, pearl divers can make about $110,000 just for two months work.

9. Pet Food Taster

As anyone with a dog knows, they tend to like the same food that we do. Since human and dog palates are similar, pet food tasters are paid to taste pet food and communicate about its quality on behalf of pets. The idea is that if people like it, animals will like it too. These tasters can make $40,000 per year trying everything from dog treats to actual dog food. It should be noted that they spit the food out after tasting it.