10 Worst Natural Disasters Just Waiting To Happen.

When you think of the Star Trek universe (assuming you do), one of the things that is bound to stand out is the Federation’s seemingly complete control of atmospheric conditions on most of its planets.

Of course, everyone also remembers the terrible disasters that befell 23rd (Or was it the 24th? Who can tell what all that Stardate nonsense really means?) century Earth when the bizarre alien probe that could only communicate with long extinct blue whales came on to the scene. In the end, of course, Kirk and co. saved the day, and complete climactic bliss was reestablished.

While future Earth seems to have solved most of its atmospheric issues, our present day planet is still very much subject to periodic disturbances that can sometimes snowball into massive outbreaks of natural chaos, aka the dreaded “Acts of God”. Here for your perusal is a list of the top 10 natural disasters that are pretty much just waiting to happen because they can. Happy reading!

10. Gigantic Tornadoes


America’s Midwestern belt is sometimes known as “Tornado Alley”, and for a very good reason. Tornadoes hit hard here in the center of the country. We all remember the massive fictional cyclone that whisked dreaming Dorothy off to see the Wizard, but there have been equally huge twisters in real life.

One such monstrosity hit the small town of Hallam, Nebraska in 2004. Accounting for millions of dollars in damage and essentially wiping the little settlement off the map, it was measured at a staggering 2.5 miles across. Tornadoes can hit pretty much anywhere in the world, and very little can be done to stop them. Now go hide in your basement.

9. The Oncoming Ice Age


It’s happened before, this massive refrigeration of the Earth, and it’s very likely to come again. It apparently all has to do with the tugging effect that the planets Saturn and Jupiter have on our orbit around the Sun. A reduction in the exposure we get to the Sun’s warming rays has an icy chilling effect on our climate.

While the impact of drastic climactic change caused by humankind doesn’t do much to help matters, the fact is that Ice Ages have occurred periodically over the Earth’s history, even before we existed. So bundle up and pray the fossil fuel doesn’t run out (it will in 300 years)!