The 10 Worst Snacks For Your Diet.

If you are looking to transform yourself over the coming months, then your diet is an excellent place to start. The old saying, “You are what you eat” has never been more true.

You have more choices than ever for food; however, most of those choices are not very helpful for self improvement. Synthetic ingredients, mutations and poor farming techniques that are based around volume create foods that are unhealthy at best and destructive at worst.

Most of these foods are snack foods and impulse buys at the supermarket. For the most part, these foods are easy to spot but tough to avoid. The entire food industry points your attention to these foods with everything from colorful advertising to preferred placement on store shelves. However, there are some foods that you may believe are healthy that are actually doing you harm.

10. Coffee


Although there’s plenty of propaganda detailing the ability of coffee to accentuate a diet, the negative effects of caffeine and sugar far outweigh any positive effects that you can receive from the beverage, especially taking it on a daily basis.

You must pay special attention to synthetic coffees that are made using low-quality beans. Although caffeine can be healthy in small doses, all of the other materials that are in low quality coffee negate all of the positive effects of that small energy boost.

9. Seedless fruits


The entire purpose of a fruit is to house a seed – this is the basic premise that you must take in before you go speeding through the “fresh” fruit section of your supermarket congratulating yourself simply for being there!

Fruit manufacturers all have the very cynical view that people will gravitate to larger, redder apples. They are all in a competition to create those apples (and other fruits) to the detriment of the health of the actual food.

If you are eating fruits without seeds or fruits that are decidedly larger than normal, it is also likely that you are eating fruits that have been stuffed with synthetic sugars and other destructive elements. By the way, fruits without seeds means that the fruit has been genetically modified, meaning that there may also be an overuse of pesticides. On top of this, fruits with extra sugars can actually become addictive!