12 Things Only a Pregnant Woman Would Understand.

If there is one area where men are pretty much fated to remain clueless for the rest of all time it is, of course, the realm of pregnancy. Try as they might, men will never really come to terms with just what it means to be carrying a whole new human being around inside of you for nine whole months.

But, of course, most men can read (and some of them even enjoy doing so). This means that a timely article on the 12 things that only a pregnant woman could ever truly understand might just go some way toward educating a few of them. Here’s hoping!

12. All Day Morning Sickness


It’s not just in the morning! Some days, it’s pretty much all day. And anything can set off the need to retch, from a strange smell to something the cat brought in to sitting up too straight, too soon. Knee pads for a long, long private vigil in the lavatory are a must.

11. Cankles

Cankles on the ankles…another fun part of the pregnancy package that isn’t advertised on the label. Nearly 75 percent of all pregnant women suffer from these, especially during the third trimester. While cankles can make you feel like you never, ever want to leave the bed, they can be dealt with, if not exactly ignored. Elevation of the legs and a low salt/no salt diet will reduce a significant amount of the liquid retention and swelling that cause achy and unsightly cankles to form.