13 Crazy Brain Facts You Might NEVER Hear About

1. Bigger Brain = Higher IQ?

You may have heard of the common notion that the bigger the brain a person has, the higher IQ he’s got. Not true! The widely regarded ‘genius’ Albert Einstein has a brain weighing less than the average weight of a human brain.


2. Upside Down

Our eyes actually perceive images in an overturn, but it is our brain that revises them into the right side-up position. How come?!

3. Men’s Versus Women’s

Although men’s brain can be as 10% larger than the women’s on average, women’s brains are found to be more productive than men. It is because women’s brain contain more nerve cells and connectors. Do you agree?

brains illustration male female

4. Nose and Brain

Our sense of smell is actually very closely related with our brain. This is the reason why memories seem more intense and easier to remember when a scent triggers our brain. Awesome.


5. Millions of Thoughts

We humans generate an average of 70,000 thoughts everyday. Fantastic.

6. Laughing: a Lot of Work

Surprisingly, laughing requires a lot of work in five different spaces of your brain. I thought it’s one of the simplest action I’m doing in my life.

7. How come we can remember?

Our brain has lots of connectors, and it all the more connects as we generate a new thoughts or remember something. WOW.


8. Light Bulbs in Our Brain

When you are awake, your brain sets enough power for a light bulb to work. Now I saw this picture below in a new perspective.


9.  Right versus Left

Divided into two equal sides, your brain has its left side, which is involved in logical thinking, and its right side, which is involved in emotional and visual aspects.


In addition, the left side of your brain sends signals for your body’s right side to work, while the right side of your brain does the same for your body’s left side. Wait, I’m confused.

10. Child Brain Development

Talking or reading aloud frequently with babies and toddlers helps speed up their brain development.


11. Ghostly Encounters

Sometimes, we see strange visions because of the decreased amount of oxygen whenever we are tired or we are in a high altitude. If you will climb a mountain and reach at least 8,000 feet high, you are most likely to visualize other people who are not actually existing. Eerie.


12. The Fattest Part

Did you know that your brain has more than 60% fats, making it the fattest organ in the human body?

13. No Pain, No Gain?

Without pain receptors, our brain cannot feel any pain, making it possible for brain surgeons to perform brain operations while their patients are awake. Yikes!

source: Likes