32 Awesome Bookshelf Design Ideas

Books don’t have to be stored in boring gray office-like shelves.

The ideas here turn book storage into an opportunity for creative design. They showcase not only your books but also your living space or office, turning it into a statement piece.

Best of all, most of the design ideas here are actually really handy for accessing your favorite books.

This makes sure they do not just remain on the shelves but can fulfill their original purpose – being read!

The ideas here can hopefully inspire you to rethink your own bookshelf arrangement, and – with minimal expenditure – create something unique of your own.

The only dilemma left would be what books to store on these shelves. Hopefully not just romance novels.

1. Balancing act bookcase 

2. Has been read/ will be read

3. Tree of knowledge

4. Spiral bookcase

5. Checkmark

6. Workstation

7. Lazy boy bookcase

8. Corner office

9. Pile-up

10. ‘Invisible’ bookcase – can only be viewed from one side of the room

11. Home office all-in-one

12. Equation shelf

13. ‘Cloud storage’

14. Puzzle piece shelf

15. Stacked tea-cup bookcase

16. Cutout

17. ‘Tower of Pisa’ shelf

18. Night-light

19. Armchair bookcase

20. Cat-friendly bookcase

21. Industrial

22. Invisible arms

23. Dancing bookcase

24. Heartbeat

25. Floor to Ceiling shelf 

26. Day-bed

27. Modular shelving

28. Staircase-bookcase

29. Winter shelf

30. skateboard storage

31. Musical shelf

32. 2D-storage