36 Crazy and Bizarre Old-Timey Inventions









Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. And these days it seems like we have everything we want already (or at least the small things, world peace not included). But not too long ago folks did not have a good solution for when they needed things like a shower cap, a hangover cure, or to read while lying down (no tablets!). What they came up to solve these problems is ingenious – but often quite crazy looking.

1. Ice cube mask for hangovers
2. Suspended Baby CageSource: walltowatch.com
3.Source: acidcow.com
4. Anti-tire puncture brooms for carsSource: walltowatch.com
5. Single-wheeled motorcycleSource: viralnova.com
6. Curved barrel machine gun for shooting around cornersSource: acidcow.com
7. Electrometer to measure pain felt by fruit and vegetablesSource: acidcow.com
8. Laryngaphone which transmits vocal cord vibrations
9. A Brush For Balding People That Combs Your Sides and Shines Your HeadSource: walltowatch.com
10. Suspension Baby CarrierSource: walltowatch.com
11. Wooden bathing suitsSource: brainpickings.org
12. Faxable newspapersSource: brainpickings.org
13. Face Protectors To Shield From The ElementsSource: viralnova.com
14. Motorized SurfboardSource: walltowatch.com
15. Dimple MachineSource: bodybuilding.com
16. Neck BrushSource: walltowatch.com
17. Robot That Answers The Phone For YouSource: walltowatch.com
18. The Dual Smoking PipeSource: walltowatch.com
19. Portable SaunaSource: walltowatch.com
20. A Pram That Protects A Baby From Toxic GasSource: walltowatch.com
21. A Revolver That Takes A Picture With Every ShotSource: walltowatch.com
22. Pedestrian Safety NetSource: walltowatch.com
23. Glasses That Let You Read While Lying DownSource: walltowatch.com
24. Cigarette ProtectorSource: acidcow.com
25. Illuminated tiresSource: acidcow.com
26. Mini televisionSource: acidcow.com
27. Yodel MeterSource: acidcow.com
28. Puppet sticks to teach your child how to walkSource: walltowatch.com
29. The chain smoker
30. TV glassesSource: acidcow.com
31. Dog restrainer
32. Turkey roasterSource: acidcow.com
33. The family bicycleSource: walltowatch.com
34. Shower cap
the-most-bizarre-old-timey-inventions-i-am-speechless (35)
35. Venetian Glasses
Source: walltowatch.com
36. A car mod that lets you walk your dogs while drivingSource: walltowatch.com