6 Horrible Ads That Did More Harm Than Good.

There are many ways to impress customers, readers and audiences, but, sometimes, the marketing message  can go terribly wrong.

Careless and insensitive marketing specialists have been responsible for several tremendous and ridiculously shameful ads all over the world.

As we will see, sometimes the fault is due to a limited “risk evaluation” from the original producers, otherwise marketing advisors can always become a perfect scapegoat for the incidents we’re going to analyze.

6. Mitsubishi Pajero (1982) – Spain and Latin America


This linguistic misunderstanding is not properly due to the marketing campaign, but is directly related to the name of the brand.
The Japanese producer Mitsubishi introduced its cross-country car in 1982 and named it after a Leopard. Unluckily, the word “Pajero”, in Spanish, means “Wanker” and the company, after the international success the car encountered, had to rename it Montero for the Spanish and Latin American market.

5. CCW Limited (2012) – Hong Kong

The world is on the brink of a new war after Ukraine conflict and this incredibly long, fatal, disturbing and repetitive ads might have predicted it.
In 2012 Ukraine, along with Poland, hosted the European Football Championship and its broadcasting was promoted in Hong Kong through this ads where one can see the most famous European monuments being destroyed.

4. Confederate Family (2004) – United States

What? United States? I thought we were the Confederate States of America.
Luckily, this racist commercial is not real. Its birth is due to a movie, or better, a mockumentary, produced in 2004 which shows the everyday life in an alternative world where the Confederates won the American Civil War 150 years ago.