8 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Are Killing You.

Some habits make you productive and healthy, but many  have the opposite effect. Stress is a health killer, and exposure to chemicals in air, water, and food will build over time. These 8 habits unexpectedly contribute to such effects and increase the likelihood of injury and illness. However, for many there are simple behavior changes that can help.

8. Jogging

Running is a great way to improve heart and lung function. The repetitive pounding to joints and connective tissues are downsides; it can cause arthritic conditions. Hard surfaces such as urban streets and sidewalks increase the damage and chances for injury. Soft surfaces and variety may be the better long-term approach such as sandy beaches or in the pool. Better still, one can mix activities. Dancing the night away may seem more fun than exercise, but it tones muscles, burns calories, and gets the heartbeat racing.

7. Eating Fish

Both from the sea, where mercury is a problem, or fish farms where pesticides are used, eating fish carries risks associated with pollution. These chemicals can build in the tissues over time and cause conditions from mild sensitivities to illness. Fish lovers must do their research to find sources that guard against chemical contamination.