9 Most Nuclear Capable Countries.

While the present day “nuclear nightmare scenario” may not loom quite as large as it did at the height of the Cold War, there are still enough nuclear weapons out there capable of falling into the “wrong” hands to have us all singing a hearty chorus of “We’ll Meet Again” (the cheery little theme that plays during the final catastrophic end credits of “Dr. Strangelove” – by the way, check out the Byrds’ version while you’re at it, it’s a goodie.)

The truth of the matter is that the total number of nuclear weapons in the world has actually decreased considerably since the salad days of the Imminent Catastrophe. At the moment of writing, there are nine countries in the world that possess full nuclear capability, with a total of 10,000 weapons between them. This is actually a drastic reduction from the Cold War era, when over 100,000 such weapons were armed and ready and panting to be let off the leash.

Just who are these nine nuclear suspects, and what are their respective nuclear capacities?

9. North Korea

North Korea Nuclear Reboot

Last on our list is the infamous Hermit Kingdom of North Korea. Home to one of the most demonstrably brutal dynasties in recent human history, the perpetually blustery and belligerent nation most likely acquired its handful of nukes from its Machiavellian big brother, China.