9 Surprising Habits That Cause Cancer.

Is there anyone who doesn’t know someone who’s been struck by cancer? As more and more people join the ranks of those afflicted with this dreaded disease, the rest of us can’t help but wonder, Am I next? What, if anything, can we do to decrease our chances of succumbing to this painful, life-threatening plague?

Most of us are well aware of the commonly touted precautions. “Wear sunblock.” “Don’t smoke.” “Beware of birth control pills.” “Eat healthy.” It’s not always just that simple, however. Here are some things you also need to avoid to increase your chances of staying cancer-free.

9. Staying up late.

Researchers have discovered a tentative link between working the night shift and developing breast cancer in women, according to the British Medical Journal. The regular upheaval in your sleep cycle is more than uncomfortable; it can contribute to health problems that even include cancer, particularly for women who’ve worked the night shift for years on end.

Not only does working the night shift disrupt sleep patterns and mess with your natural rhythm, it can be flat-out depressing. When you’re having to sleep through the day, you miss out on so much life has to offer. For many people, this can translate into an almost non-existent social life, and if you have a family, the stress can be monumental as you feel the strain of sleeping – or sleepwalking – through so many big events in your children’s lives.