9 Surprising Ways Scientists Are Preventing Cancer.

Let’s face it, of all the ways you can leave this world for good, cancer is not high on anyone’s list. All in all, cancer is regarded as one of the most pernicious enemies of the human race, and it’s no wonder that we are doing everything in our power to overcome and one day eradicate it completely from our history. As the battle continues, here are some of the most surprising ways in which we are fighting to prevent cancer.

9. Cancer Detection Glasses

Remember those “X-Ray Glasses” you used to fantasize about owning after you saw the ad in the comic book? Well, now, as an adult, you can feast your eyes on something even better: cancer detection glasses! Yeah, not quite the same, but it might just save your life. Scientists at the Washington School of Medicine are working on creating a pair of glasses that could help doctors distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells, thus saving patients multiple painful surgical experiences.

8. Genetically Mutated, Cancer Sniffing Fruit Flies

You saw that coming, didn’t you? We can get into the truly weird stuff. A research team from the University of Konstanz in Germany has recently developed a strain of fruit flies that are equipped with the extraordinary ability to sniff out several types of cancer. Not only does it smell the cancer brewing, it also stores molecules of the odor on its antennae, causing them to light up in a fluorescent glow. The next time you reach for your swatter, think about what that pesky little bug may be trying to tell you!