Threats of Pandemics Travel at the Speed of Your Ethernet, but So Can the Solution…

Humanity Overcome

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There is an arms race out there more deadly and impending than any we have seen in history and it is completely void of firearms. Biology versus Technology. More specifically, Virus vs. Vaccine.

Mark Honigsbaum elaborates on the topic at hand by divulging at first how quickly a cough can infect millions of people worldwide. Technology is catching up with us in an abrupt way. Our technological advances are disintegrating the human hand that feeds them.

However, there is hope. Have a look:


While many causal roots of Pandemics find hollow ground in human manipulation in the name of convenience and instant gratification, there is a solution. And Honigsbaum succinctly conveys his message in three profound elements:

  • Science
  • Communication
  • Education

Technology is but a tool, not a good or an evil as we have come to perceive it either way depending on our taste in Science Fiction writing. It is how we as humans thread and interweave technology together that makes the difference.

Through these three effective tools, we can screen, detect, and respond accordingly to any biological threats looming over humanity. No, they are not the easiest concepts to master, because all three require you work through them continually.

  • Science is a never ending journey trying to answer the question how the world works
  • Communication is a process, and with technology that process is becoming ever more present and complex in society
  • Education should always be at the forefront of everyone’s priorities because the quest for it is never over, even when traditional schooling is over

These are long-term solutions to what is a long-term problem: Pandemics.