Amazing Rare Footage Of Wild Dolphins Will Melt Your Heart.

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the top of Mount Everest? How about seeing a pod of dolphins travel in the ocean? What about a gray whale, or a group of sea turtles? Many people want to see the world, but don’t have the money or time to give that catching these once in a lifetime experiences require.

The marvel of the internet, media, and YouTube have come to give some of these people solace, however.

Just recently, a YouTube video has sprung up which shows a rare event happening in the middle of the ocean off of the coast of California.

A video captured by a drone owned by Captain Dave Anderson of Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari in California has been shared and viewed by many, letting viewers experience something that is truly once in a lifetime, if that.

The video shows the migration of thousands — seemingly countless dolphins, a mother and baby humpback-whale couple, and several gray whales, right off the coast of popular San Clemente, California.

The video is short, at only five minutes, and is worthy of a share in an e-mail or online social media like Facebook or Twitter for how beautiful, awestricking and rare it is.

Everyone longs to experience a moment in time that you otherwise wouldn’t, or that seems to be impossible, and by watching/sharing this documentation of such a beautiful moment, you’re helping the cause that will bring a smile to everyone’s face, especially yours.