The Ten Most Embarrassing Architecture Design Fails Of All Time.

21st century brought us many wonders design wise, and we as a race have pushed boundaries as far as architecture and design is concerned.

We tend to think that people are smarter and our designs flawless, but there have been instances where designs have failed, and failed spectacularly.

Whether costing huge amounts of money, or even lives –  or simply looking ridiculous – some designs are so terrible that they deserve to enter the hall of fame of bad architecture. Here they are.

10. Mets Citi Field, Queens New York

This famous NYC stadium was built as a replacement to the Shea Stadium, but you can guess that it was not a good one, since it found its place in this list. Prosecutors, because of his work at the stadium, are even investigating the designer. Which we cannot actually call work since a design failure cost them $850,000,000. The building itself has mold problems, walls are crumbling and the whole structure deteriorating. Even one of the large signs collapsed and fell in the middle of the field. Luckily, nobody got hurt, but the stadium itself is far from a landmark to be bragged about.

9. Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA


It is amazing, beautiful, and shiny. The designer outdone himself, and pretty much everybody else. Although the building has an unusual design, it is a failure for one reason. Due to its structure, it tends to shoot heat waves at passers-by. The building reflects light on drivers in traffic, the residents at a nearby apartment complex, as well as heat up the pavement to an incredible temperature of 140 degrees. We safely call this a failure because despite the building is usable on its own, it presents a hazard to everything around it.