Ducks Get Their Own Special ‘Duck Lanes’ Near The London Canals

The Canal & River Trust just showed the world how to deal with situations where people need to share their space with animals. They’ve painted a white line to mark off areas (known as duck lanes) along waterway paths in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

The duck lanes are meant to be used by birds, but they also encourage people to be aware of the animals they share the road with when biking or walking.

“We’ve painted in duck lanes on the tow path, just to highlight…[that] there’s only so much space you can share..[a]nd actually probably ducks need the priority,” Dick Vincent, a London Towpath Ranger told

Over 2000 miles (3220km) of inland waterways in England and Wales are controlled by the Canal River Trust. Their logo has a great message to tell as well “share the space; drop your pace; it’s a special place.”

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