Experience The Horror Of Drowning Without Actually… You Know, Dying.


Drowning is one of the more harrowing things we can experience just doing regular activity such as swimming or boating, and you would not be the first to express that you wondered how drowning would feel like. The negative thing about finding out for yourself is the dying part that comes at the end. This is where the simulated game “Sortie en Mer” comes in.

Created by French company Guy Cotten to encourage use of life-jackets when on the ocean, whether boating or swimming, “Sortie en Mer” briefly translates to “At Sea”. This simulator ‘game’ puts you in character of French sailor Julien, accompanied by his friend Charles.  Julien’s boat-mate eventually gives him a harrowing blow that knocks him off the boat via the rudder.

Before the viewer knows what is coming, they are lost at sea, unable to get back to the boat or near any shore, and begin to drown.



This ‘game’ is extremely realistic in ways more than just visual. The viewer goes through the drowning process slowly as the character adjusts himself to swim faster, longer, better, but in the end fails. In the simulator,  Julien has the option of dying quickly (perhaps, the easier and more comfortable route) should the viewer choose to not move or keep his head above the water, or struggle slowly and painfully before sinking to the bottom of the sea.