Here Are International Borders Around The World

We tend to thing of borders as consisting of impassable walls and blocakdes designed to keep unwanted visitors out at all costs. This view is shaped by news of immigrants trying to cross borders and being blocked, wars being fought between two countries where anyone attempting to traverse a border may be shot, and even cold war memories of divided cities and people unable to make their way to their families right across the border.

While in many places this situation still unfortunately persists, borders can be something completely different. There are place around the world where borders are nearly invisible, or used as a meeting place between citizens of the two countries, there are borders where you can easily move between 2 or even 3 countries no questions asked. Amazingly, despite what you read in the news about the tensions at the border between Mexico and the US, there are even places like that between these two countries.

The following set of photos is pretty amazing for that reason – it will change your perception of what borders really mean.

1. Residents of Naco, Arizona, and Naco, Mexico playing volleyball over the border

2. Myanmar, Laos, Thailand

3. Germany, Poland, Czech

4. Australia and everywhere


5. Canada and US