Here Is What Happens When You Give All Your Money Away

How many times have you fantasized about winning the lottery? What is the first thing you’d do with the money? Maybe you’d buy a house, travel the world, or even share your winnings with your family and friends. But what about giving it away?

In this video, Michael Norton reveals the secret of how to use money to increase our happiness. The answer to this age old question may be different than you expect. Instead of thinking about which products or new technology to buy for ourselves, Norton says we should focus on giving our money to others.

Sure, Norton. Spread the wealth around all you want. I’d rather keep my bathtub full of money!


According to Norton: “Spending on other people has a bigger return for you than spending on yourself.” Believe it or not, there is evidence backing up his claims. In every experiment, from college students, to business people in offices, to members of dodge ball teams, spending money on others caused an increase in happiness and productivity.

What do you think? Does sharing your money make you happier than spending it on yourself?  Watch the video and decide for yourself: