Here’s How Edgar’s Mission to Save Hundreds of Farm Animals Began: “…we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others…”

“I had always loved animals and was heavily involved with the rescuing, rehabilitation and re-homing of cats and dogs along with assisting wildlife, but it was a line in a book that stopped me mid-sandwich.” Pam Ahern, founder of the non-profit Farm Sanctuary called “Edgar’s Mission”, told Pro Bono Australia.

“The book was Animal Liberation by Peter Singer, he was describing his meeting with a local chapter of the RSPCA in England and how they could better the world for animals when out came afternoon tea and it was ham sandwiches and he thought ‘how odd’ and I thought ‘how right’ – I have never eaten an animal product since.”

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Located in Australia, Edgar’s Mission is aimed to rescue, rehabilitate and bring lasting affection and care to animals. They are now housing over 300 farm animals. Ahern started the non-profit Farm Sanctuary after rescuing a pig, which she named Edgar.

Unfortunately, Edgar Allan Pig, which she referred to as “the one that started it all”, passed away last April 2010, just after his 7th birthday. His mission will continue to carry on.


“Edgar’s Mission has become my most profound way of saying sorry for the harm and suffering I had caused to animals… he (Edgar) truly has been my inspiration.”470_2760228

In Edgar’s mission’s website, each animal has its own story which is also shared. Quotes from other visitor’s site are also shared on the so-called The Kindness Trail, which aims to inspire and make visitors smile. Pam Ahern expalined why factory-farmed animals need rescuing. As mentioned on the Edgar’s Mission’s official website:

“…millions of farmed animals daily endure lives of abject misery in factory farms. Barely able to move they endure acts of cruelty that would be illegal if they were your cat or dog. Imagine a life without sunshine, without freedom, without being able to socialize, without hope…”

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“As custodians of this planet, we have been guilty of playing favourites. We have designated some animals friends and some animals food. Yet they are no different. All share the same ability to suffer, the same need and desire to experience life, for it to have joy, meaning and purpose.”

When Pro Bono Australia asked what Pam Ahern’s favorite saying is, she answered, “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others, why wouldn’t we?”


source: Pro Bono Australia