Hidden Ingredients in your Fast Food

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat”, but do you really know what you’re eating? Chances are, if you’re one of the many Americans who regularly eats fast food, you don’t really know what you’re eating, and  if you did, you might be less inclined to frequent your favorite burger joint.

A recent Huffington Post article examined what really is in some of the popular fast food menu items, and came to some shocking conclusions. For example, the egg in your breakfast sandwich isn’t just a regular egg, it is a mixture of whole egg, extra egg white, milk powder, thickeners and flavoring. So that supposedly healthy egg breakfast sandwich may sound tempting, but it is not healthy.

There's more than just an egg in here...

The article points out that in order to create a product with the right shape, taste, and texture, fast food menu items often include  artificial flavoring and additives, supplemented with preservatives to keep them looking fresh and giving the food a longer shelf-life.  McDonald’s fries and burgers are excellent examples well preserved fast food menu items, and some menu items, such as Wendy’s Chili always looks fresh and tasty thanks to the use of the preservative silicon dioxide, which is also found in some rock varieties, and sand.

enjoy a bowl of fresh chili from your favorite fast food joint?

Enjoy a bowl of fresh chili from your favorite fast food joint? It may contain silicon dioxide, also commonly found in some rock varieties, and sand, so that it maintains that fresh cooked appearance.

Okay, no problem, you’ll avoid all the chemicals and artificial flavors by just sticking to salads.  You confidently think that this should be a safe food choice, right? Unfortunately it is not, as Huffington Post points out.

Even your salad may be hiding added ingredients

Even your salad may be hiding added ingredients

A wilted salad is not appetizing, but a perky salad treated with the preservative, propylene glycol, will tempt the health conscious but uninformed consumer. While it is not yet clearly established which additives and preservatives used by fast food restaurants may be harmful, or pose a risk to your health,  this article does clearly illustrates that one is likely paying a price for convenient cheap fast food.