Impoverished ‘Models’ Posing With Luxury Goods

Small Change, Big Difference is a campaign that shows wealth inequality at its starkest form. What we spend without thinking on frivolous items everyday can be used to do so much good and save lives. That fact is something we may be aware off but choose to conveniently forget. well, the following images make that harder.

If the images for this campaign seem similar to high end fashion (but with a tragic twist) it has everything to do with the artist chosen for the project, Swedish high-end fashion and advertising photographer Calle Stoltz. He participated voluntarily.

The campaign was shot in Kenya with the local Samburu people, a nomadic tribe related to the Masai. Says Stolts: “they had never seen a fashion magazine before so they had no idea how to pose for the shots we had in mind, so I helped them by showing them what we wanted”.

The campaign won Saatchi & Saatchi a Cannes Silver Lion award, a prestigious international accolade for creativity. Much to their credit, Saatchi & Saatchi auctioned off the award and donated the proceeds to Cordaid People in Need.

Via Cordaid