Make-up: To Enhance Beauty or to Conceal Beauty?

Does make-up enhance one’s features and personality, or does it conceal natural beauty? This question stirs debate on social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook every time a set of “before and after” images goes viral on the internet.



These images bluntly show the transformation of men and women who had a makeup – makeover.  These make-up transformations are the works of Russian artist Vadim Andreev, who uses cosmetics only, as opposed to Photoshop.before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-11

before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-2 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-3 before-and-after-makeup-photos-vadim-andreev-16

One comment on Facebook stated: “I think that these people were much more attractive without the layers upon layers of makeup and I’m sure that they felt much more real and human without it on. The after photos are mostly unrecognizable.”

On the other hand, some still believe in enhancing your look through make-up:

“I wear light makeup off and on. Nothing too dramatic, but people respond to me MUCH better when I wear makeup. …I think most of us start wearing it because other women wear it, not because we are trying to trick men. Simply said, I think women are held to a higher standard.”

Another comment argued that you shouldn’t judge people based on their looks.

“…I really hope this will help some otherwise shallow people rethink judging people based on their looks. I can guarantee the girl on the right would get preferential treatment just about anywhere she goes, even though they are the same person.”

Source: huffpost.