Meet Wally, The Bunny With Wing-like Ears On Instagram

Angora rabbits are known for their long and thick woolly fur, but Wally’s owners wanted to make sure he was ready for the summer. He has had a fresh haircut, and he looks just perfect now!

Get ready for a new standard of hair beauty in 2015 – just like The Rachel became hugely popular in the 90s, we’re expecting to see The Wally take off.

Wally actually features on the Instagram account of his owner, Molly, who details his life on a daily basis. He is almost a year old, and his adventures are already very exciting. His exploits include making friends with dragons, helping out with the garden, and impersonating poodles from his home in Massachusetts. He is bringing joy to a large following on the social network already.

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Next time you need some hairspiration, make sure to check him out!

h/t: Wally and Molly