Should I Be A Lawyer? 8 Reasons Why That’s A Bad Idea

Becoming a lawyer is a guaranteed million dollar career, complete with fame and fortune, and instant VIP access to the fanciest golf courses in the land. It’s a glamorous profession where you get to do good and also make money. Right?

In reality, many lawyers wish they’d never learned to read, much less argue. The profession is beyond over saturated, the pay isn’t exactly kingly in most cases and there’s a level of stress that puts combat surgery to shame. It’s a dog eat dog profession, and it’s up to you to decide whether you care to be the predator or the carcass. Read on and make your own call.

8. Law School Is Mega Expensive And You’ll Be In Debt, Most Likely Forever


Attending law school is getting more and more expensive. Even with the requisite grants and loans, you’ll still end up going far, far into debt. Worse, the over saturation of the current legal job market means that you may well find yourself interning for free for up to a year, just to get your foot in the door. As a result, you may well be paying back your student loan well into your advanced years.

7. The Job Comes Home With You, Each And Every Day

There’s no escape from the job. It comes home with you, each and every day. You can’t shut off your cell phone. A client could call with important new information, or you might get a hot tip at 3 a.m. that could completely change your case. And you’ll be up late into the night considering and reconsidering your strategies. The court may close for the day, but your job never, ever ends.