Sick video shows cat owners put pet in washing machine ‘because it wouldn’t use litter tray’

Two teens have been identified as animal abusers after throwing a cat inside a washing machine and turning it on.

A video has been uploaded to YouTube which shows the cat being “punished” for not using its litter tray.

When the video begins, the cat is already inside the washing machine, with the door shut so that it cannot get out.

The two cruel teens then turn the machine on, and the cat begins to panic as the water pours in.

Both of the abusers are heard laughing as the cat mews pitifully for help. They even speculate as to whether he has enough air to breathe, although they seem not to care.

Finally they open the door of the machine, draining the water out, and the soaked cat manages to jump to safety. He is seen running away as fast as he can. Police have now begun an investigation into the video.