Strange but True; Weird US laws.

For as long as there have been laws, there have been dumb laws. And as long as there have been dumb laws, there have been people writing about them. has compiled an entertaining and informative list of what they believe to be the 15 stupidest laws that still exist at the state, county, and city level.

Some of these laws may have served a purpose in the past, but are no longer relevant, such as the law that prohibits carrying wire cutters in your back pocket in Austin, Texas.

While this may have made sense when farming was a major industry, it doesn’t have much relevance to modern society.And while I doubt this law is often enforced, if you’re planning a trip to Austin, you should probably leave your wire cutters at home, just to be safe.Other “stupid” laws on the list actually have a practical purpose. I’m not sure why Virginia’s law allowing people to harvest roadkill  as the authors themselves point out,in addition to providing low cost food for those struggling to support themselves,  “this kind of ad hoc road maintenance not only helps keep the roads clean, but lowers the cost of maintenance as well.”

Perhaps the stupidity of the law is that people may use it as an excuse to hunt using a vehicle, putting themselves at risk, rather than going through the process of obtaining hunting permits, and hunting legitimately.

Some of these laws may have come from a good idea, but were not properly thought out, and are written in ways that makes the them incredibly broad, resulting in stupid, if not hilarious outcomes.


If this was in North Carolina, all these people would be breaking the law

For example, in North Carolina the legislators created a law to prevent the KKK from holding meetings, but it was written in such a way that it prevents innocent activities like costume-themed pub crawls, or comic conventions, which are increasingly popular, and usually involve dressing up like your favorite character.


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