10 Popular Diets That May Destroy Your Health.

Everyone knows, whether they care to admit it or not, the true secret of weight loss: “Eat less and exercise!” Of course, who has the time or energy for that? The majority of people who are overindulging simply want to keep on doing as they do, but somehow magically subtract the consequences without exerting themselves over much. It’s human nature to want something for nothing, or as little effort as possible.

In the end, however, the price for overindulgence is a portly waist line and possible consequences for your health. So there must be a way to avoid such negative effects. This is why “fad” diets and “miracle health supplements” are so popular on the modern international market place.

But are the majority of these popular diets really as healthy and miraculous as they claim, or do they carry with them hidden risks and potential hazards?

10. Anything That Involves Fasting


We’ve heard for thousands of years about the virtues of fasting, mostly from religious authorities. Starving yourself over an elongated period of time might be considered a pious novelty, but your body simply adjusts its metabolism to the current level of calories it is taking in.

In other words, your body holds on to every bit of possible nutrition it can until you come to your senses. Consequently, after a few token pounds of fat, you won’t lose any more unless you really intend to starve yourself in earnest – and if you do, your body will begin to punish you with all manner of painful symptoms until you give in.

9. Strict Vegan Diets


Any sort of diet that focuses all your nutritional intake on a single, restricted category of foods is bound to be bad news in the long run. Strict vegan diets are one of the worst offenders in this category. The reason is simple: The human body is designed to take in nutrients that are spread all throughout the four major food groups. Sure, you can supplement the rest with various pills and vitamins. But did you really go on a diet just to get acquainted with 40 new vitamins and health supplements?

8. Raw Food Diets


Another major Hollywood fad (Choose your favorite “quirky” celeb to lay the blame on) that really ends up hurting more than helping is the infamous raw food diet. It’s bad for you, for much the same reason as the strict vegan diet. Worse, it’s simply hypocritical. Do you seriously expect to be able to commit to a diet of raw, uncooked food for 30, 60, or 90 days? Seriously? Eating a raw carrot is roughing it quite enough for most people.

7. Low Carb Or No Carb Diets

Once again, starving yourself via rejecting contributions from an entire food group is just shooting yourself in the foot. You’ll lose a few token pounds, and your body will then adjust its metabolism to circumvent any further loss of possible nutrition. In other words, the pounds stay on unless you stick to your diet for a very, very long time. In the words of a very wise woman from Youtube, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”