Ten Ways to Increase Intelligence and Brain Health.

When you get old, the facade of indestructible fierceness you may have accepted as truth in our youth falls away as your body starts revealing a reality in which it’s vulnerable to the elements and time.

Eventually, a responsible, healthy lifestyle stops being something you elect to do and instead becomes something you should and must do if you want the best possible life. This includes eating better, exercising, spending more time outdoors and scheduling regular visits to the various doctors tasked with caring for our body’s many functioning parts that together makes us who we are.

One of the most important such parts is the brain. It’s the driving force that controls everything else and thus the component to which special care must be given. Luckily, as with most other aspects of our health, you can proactively take measures to improve not only our brain’s health but your intelligence.

10. Do Brain Games

Sudoku, the Rubik’s Cube and puzzles are all fun pastime activities that give your brain a workout. They force you to think critically and creatively, analyze patterns and spatial relationships and find the quickest solution to a problem. Playing these games on a regular basis helps exercise your cognitive skills and keeps your brain sharp. As with most games, they’re also fun and the rewarding feeling of finding a solution to intentionally complex problems is certainly a mood booster.

9. Learn to Play an Instrument

We’ve all heard of the Mozart effect, which is the idea that listening to classical music will increase your intelligence. While the theory hasn’t really held up well over the years, learning to play an instrument has been shown to improve speech recognition and literacy in children while also contributing to an increased efficiency when multitasking. The benefits are the strongest for young children whose brains are still developing, but learning to play an instrument later in life can be beneficial as well.