The 10 Best Foods For The Paleo Diet.

You’ve tried so many diets that the highlights of each are blurring together in your mind as you count calorie after calorie. What if you could free yourself from such rigid rules and freely eat the best things for your body? That is the basis of the Paleo diet.

The Paleo diet asserts that if people would eat the way the cavemen of yesteryear ate, we would notice a decrease in some of the prevalent chronic health problems. Proponents claim that it would lower the chances of contracting type II diabetes, heart problems and other illnesses associated with excess weight and high cholesterol. The Paleo eating plan is based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating more meats, vegetables and little to no carbohydrates or processed foods.

Like the prehistoric men, Paleo followers believe if you can grow or hunt it, it’s more nutritious. That’s all well and good you say, but there’s no way you’re bringing your bow and arrow to go hunting during a 30-minute lunch break. But it’s really not that difficult to eat well. Here are some of the best Paleo foods to get you started.

10. Seaweed


You are probably already familiar with nori, which is a seaweed wrap used in sushi recipes. But did you know that you can also use seaweed varieties like wakame to make delicious salads? Give yourself a break from the usual iceberg and romaine lettuces, and serve up your normal toppings over a bed of dark green seaweed. It is particularly helpful in protecting against thyroid aliments.

9. Eggs


The Paleo diet specifically calls for free range eggs. This means instead of the chickens being raised on manufactured feed, they roam free and eat whatever they would naturally eat. The benefit for you is that you are consuming a product rich in vitamin D and Omega-3. Instead of the bright yellow yoke the doctors warn you against, the yokes of organic eggs have a deep apricot appearance. These yolks can be eaten without fear of extra added cholesterol.