The 10 Best Special Forces Units In The World.

4. Israel’s Sayeret Matkal

No list of elite international Special Forces units would be complete without a mention of Israel’s Sayeret Matkal. In a country that is already notorious for its proliferation of elite Special Forces commando groups, the Sayeret Matkal stands proudly above them all.

The most famous mission of this most elite group took place, not in Israel, but in the African nation of Uganda, where a group of Israeli hostages were being held by Muslim extremists. Suffice it to say, the Sayeret Matkal flew over 3,000 miles to Uganda, and then proceeded to save the day, Rambo style, in spectacular fashion.

3. Austria’s EKO-Cobra


Arnold Schwarzenegger has never played a member of Austria’s elite EKO-Cobra unit, but he certainly should have. While their name might put people in mind of G.I. Joe’s legendary super foe, rest assured – these guys only fight on the side of good.

Since their formation following the terrorist attacks at the 1972 Olympics, they have earned their stripes as one of Europe’s most elite Special Forces groups. For the record, they are the one and only commando group that ever ended a hijacking – while the plane itself was still in flight.

2. Great Britain’s SAS


Possibly the most famous group on this list is the elite SAS of Great Britain. They were first formed in 1941, with the express mission of conducting commando operations hundreds of miles behind German and Italian lines. Since then, their legendary reputation as Britain’s ultimate warriors has only increased. It’s not all tea and crumpets with these lads – the SAS training regimen is one of the longest, most detailed, and most grueling of any Special Forces unit in the world.

1. America’s Navy SEALs


Jesse Ventura, this is for you. We’ve saved the best for last. Simply put, the Navy SEAL is probably the best Special Forces operative in the world. Who else but a Navy SEAL would win the honor of planting a steel jacketed kiss on the forehead of Osama bin Laden? You don’t even want to know about the training regimen of a Navy SEAL. These lads are the fiercest, the fastest, the baddest, and the best. Just ask Jesse.