The 10 Creepiest Things You Can Get People To Do On Fiverr.

Fiverr is a pretty awesome place to get people to do things for you on the super-cheap. Stuff like writing and translating, designing a logo or a website, heck – even producing a music video.

But Fiverr has a whole other side to it  – the weird, wonderful and bizarre. From recruiting a psychic to place a spell on your enemies, to having someone create a zombie apocalypse survival plan for you, Fiverr is the place to go when you need a job done for you that no one else can provide.


10. Get Some Weird Japanese Snacks For $5


5 random pieces of assorted Japanese snacks and sweets! You won’t necessarily know what you’re eating, but you’ll have a lot of fun in the process. These goodies will be personally hand-picked. The gig provider will even include an English note to explain what the items are.

9. Get a PSYCHIC Reading For $5


This ‘Professional Psychic Practitioner’ will perform a reading for you of 1 question answered in detail, plus 5 questions answered in yes or no format, yielding, so she claims, amazingly accurate results. Here’s my first yes or no question: are you kidding me??

8. Prank Call Someone For $5


Looking to prank your friends? This Fiverr gig is for you. Allie promises she will will call whoever you want, saying whatever you want. I foresee you losing some friends in the process (hey, maybe I’ll start my own Fiverr psychic gig!).

7. Make your girlfriend jealous For $5

If you need an ego boost, Joanka promises she’ll be your friend on Facebook and post a comment on your profile picture (or any pic you like) that ‘you are cute’. Results not guaranteed.